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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of skills and methods that you can use to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings, thereby giving you a tool to understand how you can change your attitude and response to your negative thoughts.  This new skill will enable you to run your own life more successfully and be able to communicate with people in a more constructive and effective way.


Your beliefs and approach to life are as a result of deep seated beliefs about yourself, and others, and how you see the world around you.  Your life is created by your attitude and the language you use to achieve your specific and desired outcomes.


NLP was developed  by Richard Bandler (Mathematician and Gestalt Therapist) and John Grinder (Linguist)  who studied the skills and behavior of successful people, including Fritz Perls (Psychotherapist), Virginia Satir (Family therapist) and Milton Erikison (Hypnotherapist) to name but a few, and from their findings NLP was modeled and created.


Neuro – refers to the brain and nervous system.  In other words, how we translate the information we take in.  We use all our five senses to take in information eg eyes – how you see something; hearing – how you react to sounds; kinesthetic – this can be either tactile touch or emotional feelings; gustatory – taste and olfactory – smell, what your response is to tastes and smells.


Linguistic - Is the language we use to remember particular experiences.


Programming  - refers to your habits, patterns, programs, strategies etc .


How can it help?

We all have habits, patterns and rituals to some degree.  Some of these are healthy however some are not, which results in unwanted habits and behaviours.  


NLP can help you identify where those unwanted habits originated and how these can be replaced with more positive ones.  As a result you can lead a more productive and positive life, and this will also improve your interpersonal skills and understanding of other peoples’ actions and beliefs.


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